Grass, Hedges, Bushes, & Trees

We contract with a Landscaping Company for routine grass cutting and general tidying up.    Typically the grass is cut every two weeks between April and October.  Hedges, bushes and lower limbs of trees are pruned as required, usually annually.  In the late Autumn the contractor removes the leaf fall; there may be two collections if the leaf fall is particularly full.  All works are weather dependent. 

Occasionally heavy machinery is deployed in the Park.  Subscribers, particularly those exercising dogs,must take care whenever there are workmen present - Stay away from any work area!

As the Park sits within the Trinity Conservation Area, we must apply to the City Council for permission to carry out any tree work.  We have a Tree Maintenance Plan for routine maintenance approved by the Council; this Plan, and its approval, is updated approximately every five years following a formal Tree Inspection by our Tree Consultants.  Sadly, from time to time, we lose branches, and sometimes whole trees, as a result of severe storms or disease.  We do not rush to replace trees immediately rather we review any 'gaps' when updating the Maintenance Plan.   Both removing and planting trees are expensive undertakings.

Locks, Gates, & Fences

The locks in the 3 pedestrian gates were renewed in 2018 and new keys issued. 

The gates and fences are usually re-painted on a rota of one 'street length' per year depending on their individual condition.

Subscribers and especially their children are urged to abide by the Code of Conduct Clauses:-

          Street Gates must be kept shut and locked at all times.  The Dog-free Area gates  must always be kept closed.

          It is expressly forbidden to climb the gates, fences, hedges and trees.


There are no man-made drains of any kind within the Park; the land drains naturally following a very gentle downward slope from South to North.  The consequence is that, from time to time in prolonged periods of severe bad weather (rain/snow), parts of the land can become waterlogged.  Occasionally, it may be necessary to close the Park to avoid accidents and/or significant damage to the sward.    Any closure will be in place for the shortest time practical.