Code of Conduct


Code of Conduct 2022-23

The Directors’ continuing ambition is to ensure that Lomond Park is a welcoming, friendly and peaceful green space for all subscribers so that it can be enjoyed by them and their families and whether accompanied by a dog or not. The Directors cannot achieve this ambition without the co-operation of all subscribers. As part of that, the Directors request that all subscribers note, and actively and positively engage at all times in complying with, the following:

1.Access to the Park

  1. i) COVID -19

Anyone taking access to the Park must do so in full compliance with all relevant Scottish Government guidance as may be amended from time to time. ( Anyone failing to comply will be requested to leave the Park immediately.


  1. a) As the Park is privately owned property, access is restricted to only those subscribers who have paid the annual subscription on time and who hold a numbered gate key. The Directors reserve the right to carry out spot checks.
  2. b) Subscribers are requested to observe any restrictions on access to or within the Park as may be notified from time to time including avoiding areas marked with posts or other similar demarcations.
  3. c) In the event of adverse weather conditions or other events out with their control, the Directors reserve the right to close the Park at any time and until such time as it is intimated the Park will be re-opened, no access shall be taken for any reason.
  4. d) Subscribers must ensure all street gates are kept shut and locked at all times. The dog free zone gates must be kept shut.
  5. e) In the event of any problems being encountered with the street gates/locks, this should be reported as soon as possible to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  6. f) Only dog walking subscribers should take access to the Park after dark.
  7. Dogs
  8. a) Whilst well behaved dogs are welcome in the Park, they must always be accompanied by their owner and kept under proper control and supervision. If a subscriber is walking a dog after dark, close supervision is essential and a torch should be used and/or the dog kept on a leash.
  9. b) It must be remembered that the Park is available to be enjoyed by all subscribers and their families. Dog owners are requested to act responsibly and sensitively at all times and give proper consideration towards all other users, giving particular attention to avoiding disturbance of other users’ peaceful enjoyment.
  10. c) All dog excrement must be immediately picked up and binned.
  11. d) Dog walking routes should be varied in order to ease wear and tear on the ground and in any event walkers and dogs should keep clear of all areas that are water-logged or damaged, whether or not marked with posts or similar demarcations.
  12. e) Dogs are prohibited at all times within the designated dog free zone.
  13. f) Any dog displaying aggressive behaviour should be reported to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . The Directors reserve the right to withdraw a dog owner’s subscription if necessary. In any event, boisterous or unruly dogs must always be kept on a leash.
  14. Regulations applying to all subscribers:
  15. a) (i) no lighting of fires or barbeques or the setting off of fireworks;(ii) no alcohol to be brought into or consumed in the Park;(iii) no climbing of gates, fences, hedges or trees;(iv) no riding of bicycles;(v) no hard ball games (eg Cricket, hockey, baseball, golf etc); (vi) no team games other than young children playing in small groups
  16. b) Subscribers are requested to help keep the Park a clean and tidy place and to that end please regularly collect and bin all litter and other debris at all times.
  17. c) any disturbance or acts of vandalism in or around the Park should be reported to the Police immediately , Dial 101 .


  1. a) All subscriptions must be paid promptly upon receipt of the annual invitation to join letter. Any change in circumstances at any time, such as a subscriber becoming a dog owner, must be immediately intimated to the Directors and the additional subscription paid as appropriate.
  2. b) Due to the long waiting list of potential subscribers, the Directors cannot guarantee renewal of a subscription in the event of payment not being received timeously from an existing subscriber.
  3. c) In the event of non-payment or failure to comply with the terms of this Code of Conduct, the Directors reserve the right to request the immediate return of the gate key.
  4. d) any subscriber intending not to renew membership is requested to return the key without delay but please note no refund will be paid.
  5. Liability.

Anyone entering the Park does so entirely at their own risk.

The Lomond Park Company Limited and its Directors accept no liability for any accident, injury, loss and/or damage howsoever caused or arising.


February 2021