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Welcome to Lomond Park

Located in Trinity, Edinburgh, Lomond Park is a wonderful amenity for local people.  To find out about joining the Park, please refer to the information under the Joining tab.

The Lomond Park Company Limited (Incorporated 1905) owns all the land at Lomond Park including that leased to and occupied by the Lomond Park Lawn Tennis Club (Established 1907) and Trinity Bowling Club (Established 1855).  The Directors of the Lomond Park Company look after everything to do with the Park itself on a voluntary basis,  while the sports clubs look after themselves as stand-alone entreprises.

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Park Location

Park Location

Membership Fees

Annual Membership 2022/23


An Annual Subscription is always payable by everyone.




+ Key - New Subscriber or Replacement(non-refundable)


+ Supplement for Property overlooking Park


+ Supplement payable by Dog Owners


+Park Donation (entirely discretionary)

 £10 or £20